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IKO is Different


IKO is Different

It’s About People
Communities are not just bricks and sidewalks. Communities are where we live, grow-up, raise our kids, shop, and run our businesses. No one knows this better than IKO Community Management. We treat your community like our community because your community IS our community. The IKO Community Management team lives and works right in your backyard! We’re proud to have served Montgomery, Frederick, Prince George’s and Carroll County as well as Washington DC and Northern Virginia. We are experts in this community, about this community, for this community.

Call it good old fashioned values, but IKO believes that our clients deserve personalized service, knowledgeable staff, and a partner in the growth and sustainability of their communities. Not one situation is identical to another. IKO Community Management knows this and strives to offer a unique solution to every community’s situation.

For both residential and commercial communities looking to manage their day­‐to‐day HOA operations in an efficient and effective way that maximizes community value and opportunity, IKO Community Management offers expertise and experience combined with a passion for quality and customer care through a humanized, caring customer experience.

Learn more about IKO Community Management‘s involvement in your community! IKO is different, IKO Cares.