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Guidelines and Restrictions

Request Community Guidelines and Restrictions

Your community guidelines and restrictions are a vital resource for you, as a homeowner in an HOA community. They are a guide to what you are permitted to do as a member of your community. Whether you’re thinking about painting your house, adding an addition or improving your landscaping, check your community guidelines and restrictions before your get started. If you aren’t aware of your community’s guidelines and restrictions and you make a change to your home that goes against the rules, you could risk fines or even legal action. IKO Community Management wants to make sure that doesn’t happen, and to help maintain the common interests of your community.

For your convenience, IKO Community Management will send you a copy of your community guidelines and restrictions. Just fill out the information requested in the form below, and we’ll provide the appropriate forms for your community. Each community is unique, with different rules, so make sure you specify where you live.

Community Guidelines and Restrictions


Still have questions? Your homeowners association board is a great resource for you. Remember, your board members enforce the rules that are already in place, so read through your community guidelines and restrictions before you approach them with your question. Feel free to contact us. We’re happy to help! At IKO Community Management your community is our community and we look forward to hearing from you.