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Services Offered By IKO


IKO Services

As a full-service property management company serving Condominiums, HOAs and Professional Offices throughout the metropolitan area; the IKO team takes pride in managing the day to day needs of each of our properties. Our staff is committed to working with each of the board members and homeowners to create a positive environment, to preserve property values and to maintain a pleasing aesthetic appearance in all of our communities.

Our community managers implement the elected Board of Directors decisions. They assist the board and the community association by means of administering the services, programs, and operations of the association within the policies and guidelines set by the board.

With IKOs strategic management plan we guarantee the best service possible for your community. IKO Services include:

IKO Administrative Services

    • Management Reports
    • Contract and Insurance Administration
    • Property Inspections
    • On Site Staff Hiring, Training, and Supervising
    • Rule Enforcement
    • 24 Hour Emergency Service
    • Maintain Resident Database

IKO Financial Services

    • Community financial management
    • Collection and assessments of HOA dues
    • Full management of operating account
    • Maintaining of association funds in an interest bearing Reserve account
    • Accurate monthly statements
    • Budget items
    • Recommendations to the Board regarding major expenditures
    • Collection of delinquent accounts

IKO Facility Services

  • Operating, maintaining, repairing, and replacing common property

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