What Should Be On Your HOA's Social Media?


Are you ready to take your homeowners association to the next level? Then, it’s time to invest in social media. With multiple platforms to choose from, your board can find which one suits your community best. From Twitter and Facebook to Instagram and LinkedIn, here’s what you should be able to find on your HOA’s social media sites:

  • Weather alerts. Homeowners should keep an eye out for inclement weather posts regarding snow removal, heat index warnings, hazardous travel conditions, and more.

    Expert Tip: Aside from social media, it’s a good idea to require homeowners to sign up for emergency alerts through a mass texting service like Rapid Notify or CallFire.
  • Pet posts. Occasionally, your neighbors might find a loose dog or cat. How about those times people notice others not picking up after their pets? Twitter is a fast-paced platform that gets quick reminders out like, “Don’t forget to leash your pup!” or “Remember: There are doggy bag stations on X and Y streets.”
  • Meeting notifications. Social media is the perfect place to put a link to the secretary’s agendas and meeting minutes for those who were unable to attend. This keeps everyone up to date on the latest budget adjustments, new neighbor introductions, and so on.

    Expert Tip: Social media is also a great way to market open positions. For example, the safety committee needs volunteer crossing guards during back to school, and the community offers paid lifeguard positions during pool season. You can even take advantage of this technique for board elections. 
  • Holiday memos. This is where your HOA can post trick-or-treat hours and links to holiday decorating regulations, which will include when and for how long lights and other exterior decorations can be out. Your homeowners association can also post a warning about package thieves as many holiday gifts are left on front porches by delivery people.

    Expert Tip: Use tracking codes, or leave a note to put packages behind a gate or in the mailbox. You can also suggest that the board spend money on seasonal security measures like lightpost cameras or a neighborhood watch.

  • Towing warnings. No parking signs can do only so much. In order for the homeowners association to remain within its bylaws, the social media manager can mention the make and model of a car, boat, or other vehicle and a deadline for removal before calling the towing company.
  • Architectural changes. From sidewalk repair to additional equipment and new mulching in tot lots, the HOA can use its social media platforms to let each homeowner know how the neighborhood is changing with each project.
  • Amenity updates. Most HOA communities come with a variety of amenities, and social media is a great place to keep updates about everything in one place. For example, the board can post about the carpet cleaning in the gym or repainting in the community center. During pool season, you should look out for posts about hours, rules, frequently asked questions, thunderstorm delays, and passes and fobs.
  • Community events. Many communities will get festive during the fall and winter season with pumpkin-carving competitions, tree decorating contests, visits from Santa Claus, and cookie or ornament exchanges. Other common events include local fire or police department visits, seminars on home utility rebates or car safety for children, Zumba or yoga classes, and crafting opportunities. What better way to send out RSVPs (and save paper) than through an event on Facebook?

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