Top Value-Adding Amenities For Your HOA Community


Today's buyers and renters are looking for more than a new home. They're looking for a community that offers desirable amenities. They want these quality amenities for personal entertainment reasons and to add value and appreciation to their new home.

IKO Community Management has a list of important value-adding amenities for your HOA community. Consider the following during the community planning process.

Outdoor Trails

HOA communities should consider outdoor trails as a valuable amenity for all residents. Here's why.


According to Outside Online, a team of researchers with the University of Innsbruck in Austria had participants "complete two three-hour workouts under distinct conditions. The first was a 'fast walk' on an indoor treadmill; the second was an outdoor hike through mountains."

"Participants pushed themselves harder during the outdoor hike" and felt less fatigued afterward.

To complement the physical benefits, mental benefits of hiking were studied. Participants "reported increased feelings of pleasure during and immediately following the outdoor hike."

They also had decreased neural activity in the part of the brain associated with anxiety and depression.


Biking is an increasingly popular form of transportation due to its low environmental impact and health benefits. In fact, Baltimore is spending millions to improve bicycling infrastructure for commuters. 


According to Statista, running is one of the most practiced forms of exercise in the world. In 2017, almost 60 million people participated in running, jogging, and trail racing.

Sport Areas

Many residents are looking to live in an active, social HOA community. Communities along golf courses should use this amenity to their advantage and market toward older residents.

For communities that have younger residents, indoor or outdoor basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts attract long-term residents.

If maintenance is in the budget, add a soccer or baseball field to attract youth sports.

Fitness Center

Many people want a gym membership, but it's often unaffordable with daily living expenses. Also, a lot of people don't have time to go to the gym, especially if it's far away from home or work.

A fitness center in the heart of an HOA community solves these problems. It's a great way for residents to stay active and healthy, meet other fitness lovers, and more. If you have the volunteers, offer weightlifting or yoga classes.

Fitness centers are also great alternatives for communities that lack outdoor space for sports areas and trails.

Community Pool

Community pools are a staple for new and old HOA neighborhoods. Whether residents use it for exercise or leisure, pools are a must-have.

Pool upgrades increase summer fun - and property values. Consider swimming classes, kiddie pools, and fun additions for the best community pool. 

Playgrounds & Tot Lots

On the subject of youth sports, families love playgrounds and tot lots. Including these amenities in your HOA community is a great way to attract these residents. It's a social gathering space that includes fun additions like swing sets and seesaws. 


Offer free WiFi, high-speed Internet, cell phone reception, and other connectivity benefits. This amenity provides convenience and an easier opportunity for residents to share their positive experience online. Referrals go a long way, especially if people love where they live.


The U.S. recycling rate is around 34.5 percent. If we could get it to 75 percent, it would be equal to removing 50 million cars from the road.

This environmental impact is a big concern for millennials, the next big buying and renting generation. Make it more convenient by offering trash and recycling services at their doorstep. This service amenity is worth the extra effort to keep residents happy and in the community.

IKO Community Management in Olney, Maryland, services communities that offer these valuable amenities. Whether you're looking to stay active or save the environment, an HOA community with amenities is a great option.

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