Top 5 Items on Baby Boomer’s Wish List

We’ve recently discussed what the growing number of Millennial home buyers are looking for in your HOA community. What about the large number of Baby Boomers who are looking to move into your community? IKO Community Management wants to help you plan resources and homes in your community for the Baby Boomer generation. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Villas – We’ll start out with number one on the wish list. As Baby Boomers find themselves with an empty nest, many are looking to downsize. Villas and other single floor models offer the convenience of not having to climb stairs, while maintaining the feel of a single family home. Retirees don’t want to give up their independence; but they also simply don’t require the space that a family requires. Baby Boomers are nowhere near ready to head to the old folks’ home, and tiny apartments aren’t going to fly with these couples. Villas full of natural light and featuring high ceilings are ideal. Many Baby Boomers downsizing into your community will want to be able to age in place. We’ll talk about convenience later but this is one of the biggest benefits of the villa models. Single floor models aren’t just for retirees, of course. Some families prefer the single floor model for the safety of their children and for the convenience it offers.
  • Gyms – This generation is very active. Retirement and downsizing doesn’t mean slowing down, it means simplifying and, in fact, being able to do more. One of the biggest requests that retirees have is access to a gym in their community. This amenity is highly desirable, not only in the case of the Baby Boomers but also with young couples and families alike. Having a gym in your community will give your residents the tools they need to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle through their retirement.
  • Parks and Walking Paths – Give your residents an opportunity to (literally) get a breath of fresh air! The option to relax or exercise with a walk or run within your community is highly desirable for all ages. Parks and walking paths will benefit both human and animal residents of your community! Baby Boomers and their animal companions will both be drawn to communities with lots of parks and walking paths.
  • Restaurants – Your retired residents will enjoy restaurants more than any other residents in your community. Restaurants offer the option of relaxing instead of preparing food and cooking at home. Consider a community market place with the option of multiple dining options. Having the convenience of restaurants within walking distance of your villas is ideal. Families and young couples will also enjoy this convenience, so it’s a win-win for everyone.
  • Convenience – Related to the desire to downsize, convenience is key whenever you’re trying to attract Baby Boomers to your community. The more amenities you can provide that are within walking, biking, or short driving distance to your resident’s homes, the better. When planning your community, consider shops, rental opportunities for dentists and doctors’ offices, band shells in common spaces and other options for shopping and entertainment. As we said before, Baby Boomers moving to a home in your community are most likely looking to age in place. They’ll be considering options for today as well as 20 years into their retirement.

We hope that this list of suggestions will enable you to plan options and amenities within your community to benefit Baby Boomers as well as the other residents in your HOA Community. Baby Boomers will be a great group to attract to your community. If you’d like to learn more about what we do at IKO Community Management, please feel free to contact IKO. We’ll be glad to help.

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