The Most Reliable Father's Day Wish List Ever


Ties and socks are decent go-to gifts for Dad on any occasion, but this Father’s Day, it’s time to up the ante. Though finding a gift that’s useful and thoughtful can be tough, it’s not an impossible feat. Here’s IKO Community Management’s Father’s Day wish list of gifts that Dad will love (and use):

Show Dad How: For the dad-to-be, this book by Shawn Bean is a handy guide on all things Dad. From how to deliver your baby on a subway to building a car out of cardboard, he’ll become a pro dad in no time. 

Tile: For the tech-savvy dad (or the one who loses his stuff all the time), Tile is a new invention that's saving a lot of time and frustration. Attach Tile to any item like keys or in a wallet, and track its location through your smartphone’s Bluetooth. Now, your dad will never forget the essentials.

The Beer of the Month Club: Dads and beer is an equation that hardly ever fails. Sign up your brew-loving pops for the Beer of the Month Club. They’ll deliver four different award-winning varieties of American microbrews right to his doorstep.

Tip: If beer isn’t your dad’s niche, try the Dollar Shave Club, and he’ll never have to overpay for a clean shave again.

Amazon Fire TV Stick: Even Dad knows that watching your favorite shows on a tablet or smartphone gets boring. Cue the Amazon Fire TV stick. This piece of cutting-edge technology allows TV junkies to enhance their viewing experience by mirroring the content onto an HDTV. Apps include Fox Sports, Showtime, Pandora, ESPN, Netflix, HBO, and Hulu.

Road Mice: Men and cars is another classic combo. Be a winner with Dad by giving him the coolest gift: A wireless computer mouse shaped like a car -- and not just any old car. Choose from American muscle cars, NASCAR, exotic sports cars, a Corvette, or a Camaro. He’ll be clicking away in no time.

Paragon Sports Gift Card: For the sportiest dad on the block, get a Paragon Sports gift card. It'll allow him to get whatever equipment he’s currently coveting in his Amazon wish list, from golf clubs and soccer cleats to camping gear and professional paraphernalia. Paragon even has a Father’s Day gift guide of Dad-approved favorites.

Burger Press: Is there anything more satisfying than the perfect patty? This Crate & Barrel burger press is a “grilling innovation [that] presses two perfect patties, making uniform burgers for even cooking and consistently delicious results.” We can't argue with that.

Chocolate-Dipped Potato Chips: Don’t knock it until you try it. With a sweet and salty explosion, your dad won’t be able to stop at just one chocolate-covered chip. Using dark and milk Belgian chocolate, these potato chips will be the Father’s Day gift of the year -- or at least in one sitting.

FitBit One Wireless Activity + Tracker: For the active dad, this tech-savvy watch is taking the world by storm. FitBit captures activity throughout the day, maps sleeping patterns, and provides sleep insights, so your father can get the most quality rest before his next workout.

How to Split Wood, Shuck an Oyster, and Master Other Simple Pleasures: This book by Sebastian Kaufman is the ultimate guide to do-it-yourself Dad tricks. From its title promises to brewing tea, cleaning cast iron pans, and mastering an at-home shave, this book is full of basic know-hows for every stage of Dadness.

After this comprehensive list, you have no more excuses for random sports trinkets and unsavory colognes. Dad deserves the perfect gift, and we hope our ideas help. 

From all of us at IKO Community Management, happy father's day!

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