Spring Cleaning Tips: Organizing the Mud Room

'Tis the season for cleaning out the cobwebs and various debris that has collected in your home during the long winter months. Our spring cleaning tips for today focus on one of the messiest areas in anyone’s home: the mud room. A winter’s worth of mud, salt, and defrosting clothing have made for a mess that you’ve probably been avoiding. Let’s tackle this before sports and other outdoor activities get underway and track more mess into your home.

  • Make Room – If you don’t have a garage (or maybe your garage is the next project – we won’t judge), it’s best to clean your mudroom on a warm, sunny day. In our experience, in cases like this, it’s easiest to clean out most of the clutter from the room that you’re cleaning. This way you can mop up the salt and mud from the floor and access the items that need to be sorted. If you don’t have a garage with room to leave your items and sort them while you clean, simply lay out a tarp in your backyard or driveway. This is a nice, temporary solution that will also help encourage you to sort before bringing everything back into your house. Just make sure that your neighbors don’t think that you’re throwing a yard sale! Rope off the area, so to speak. Usually mudrooms don’t take up too much space in your home, and having the whole family involved might not be the best way to go about this task. There are plenty of other areas that they can help with in your home. The mudroom is a job that is probably better suited for 1 or 2 people.
  • Mop Up – Everyone has different processes when it comes to cleaning, but if you’d like our recommendations for tackling this mess, here we go! The dried salt and mud from the winter months are difficult to clean up so have patience. Before you do anything else, take your broom and dustpan in to take care of the big stuff. Follow up with your vacuum to get the smaller particles of hair, dust and lint (especially if your mudroom is also your laundry room). Now you’re ready for the Swiffer. Before you bring out the mop we really recommend this final step to maximize the effectiveness of the mopping. The last step before you’re ready to get to organizing is, as you may have guessed, mopping. Mopping will help you pick up all the gross, sticky residue that winter encourages. Depending on the status of your mudroom you may need to do two or three passes.
  • Organize – If you’d like to add any additional shelving or other organization tools, this is the time to do it. If your laundry is housed in the mudroom, consider a folding and sorting area. This will save you back strain and time. You can choose a mobile option that you can move from one part of the room to another, or chose a more permanent option. Shelves can be a great option for bringing your soaps and fabric softeners off the floor. Pair shelves with drink dispensers (to hold your detergents) for a fresh look. If you don’t already have a shoe rack, invest in one before spring mud destroys your efforts. A great option for housing cleats and other mud-covered articles is a separate mat to allow them to dry out.
  • Sort – Before you bring everything back into your house from your garage or yard, take a second look. Do you really need everything you’re moving? Instead of bringing everything back into your home, remove items that can be donated or thrown away. Stick the donations right in your vehicle and throw trash away in your garage. Don’t clutter up your hard work!

Now that you’ve been inspired to get to business, have fun! There’s something very satisfying about cleaning out one of the messiest rooms of your house. From all of us at IKO, happy spring! Enjoy.

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