School Bus Stop Etiquette


With late August right around the corner, the beginning of the school year means new supplies, new classes and new teachers. However, before your child is entering the halls of learning, they either get an enjoyable car ride with Mom or Dad or a fun-filled bus ride with their classmates. If it is the latter, here are a few of IKO Community Management’s tips on bus stop etiquette:

Look both ways. If your child has to cross the street to get to their bus stop, make sure you teach them this simple rule of thumb: look right, look left and look right again. When the roads are clear, it is safe to cross the street. Teaching your child this safety precaution ensures that they understand and recognize that only when no cars or trucks are coming is it safe to cross the street. While teaching your child how to stay safe getting to the bus, you should also mention how to stay safe on the bus. Tell them to immediately take their (possibly assigned) seat and to keep their hands, feet and head inside the bus.

Respect the crossing guard and bus driver. If your bus stop is fortunate enough to have a volunteer crossing guard, tell your child to listen to what they have to say. The crossing guard’s job is to keep your child safe when going from Point A to Point B, so teach your kids to walk only when the guard is in the middle of the crosswalk and saying “go.” When your child is on the bus, make sure they respect the bus driver’s rules. This could include no eating or drinking, turning down their music, or keeping their feet on the ground at all times.

Arrive at least 5 minutes early. It is always good to be early, but it is especially excellent when it comes to bus stops. Have your child adjust their morning routine, so they can make it to the bus stop within at least 5 minutes of departure time. There are a lot of other kids that need to get to school on time, too, so it’s best to be considerate.

Keep the roads clear. If you are dropping your child off at the bus stop, try not to park on the street where the bus must come through. Parked cars make it difficult for the bus driver to maneuver around, so look for a spot on a side street or in a nearby parking lot instead. This will make for a smoother and safer ride, and you can still make sure your child gets to the bus safely.

Be alert and aware. Regardless of if you are a typical morning commuter or driving the carpool to school, be alert and aware of children waiting at and walking to the bus stop. Try turning down the music, setting your coffee in the cup holder and looking around for school-aged children. Be especially attentive to any strollers, handicaps and large groups.

Everyone can do their part to keep kids safe and sound on their way to school. Whether you are driving through the neighborhood on your way to work, or dropping your child off at the bus stop, it is always good to be on alert for small children. Teach your child to respect the crossing guard and bus drivers by following their rules and being early. From all of us at IKO Community Management, have a happy school year!

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