Refresh Your Parenting Style: 10 Best Apps for Parents


Kids these days always seem to be looking at their phones or tablets, and most of us don’t know why. We know social media is booming, but what’s a tweet? Why are they editing pictures of their food? Where does a Snapchat go? These are unanswered questions that we should just leave to the teenagers, but that doesn’t mean that parents have to be out of the technology loop. Here are IKO Community Management’s favorite apps for parents:

A Family Matters: Have you ever stood in line at an amusement park for 45 minutes, bored out of your mind? Or waited for a table that seemed to take forever? Let’s not even mention those long car rides for vacation. This app destroys all boredom by coming up with family-oriented activities for every occasion. It encourages fun family discussion and engagement.

Artkive: With a name that is a unique play-on-words, you can probably guess what this app is for. As your child brings home awesome artwork from school year after year, the refrigerator can get pretty full. Instead of tossing your kid’s masterpieces, download this app to take pictures of their artwork then use the Artkive to compile the pictures for prints, coffee mugs, hardcover books, calendars and other keepsakes.

Baby Bundle: This free app offers everything you need for your new baby. Users can monitor their baby’s daily activities, track their growth, keep their vaccinations in order, and interact with other new parents for advice. There’s also an all-inclusive guide to baby care by Dr. Jen, which includes feeding, diaper changing, potty training, sleeping and hair, nail and skin care.

Baby Monitor HD: This $9.99 app is the next-generation baby monitor that allows you to keep visual tabs on your baby’s crib just like a traditional baby monitor. It includes password-protected audio and video, audio alerts and infrared night mode. However, only Y-Cam and WiFi Baby are compatible with this app, so check with to make sure you have the correct combination of hardware and software.

My Baby Today: This phone app is especially great for new parents as it offers a free, personalized guide to your baby’s first year. It comes with progress checklists, a sleep guide, a feeding section and a Q&A tab for all of your first-timer curiosities.

Pull-Ups Big Kid: Potty training just got a lot easier. This free app includes Disney characters and games that provide your child entertainment while potty training. It awards your child with stars for toilet training achievements, and Disney characters call your child to wish them congratulations. For parents, there’s an online forum to connect with other parents and helpful hints about potty training.

SecuraFone: Jumping from newborns to new drivers, when your kid gets their license, it can be a pretty nerve-racking experience for parents. This app monitors how fast your child is driving using your smartphone’s built-in GPS. Parents can view up to 90 days’ worth of map data, access reports that include addresses and send alerts. A monthly subscription of $8.95 is required, but the app is free to download.

Snap Secure: Letting your tween venture out of the house for sleepover? Is your kid going on their first high school date? This app is for all those worrisome parents out there – which are really all of us. Have your child download the app, which lets you know if they’re in a “safe zone,” like school or the practice field. If they go outside of the designated zone, an alert is sent directly to your phone.

The Bump: Designed for new moms, this free phone app offers a plethora of real-time parenting advice through its active community membership. There are also expert articles available, and you can easily keep track of and share photos of your new bundle of joy.

The Drip Drops: Using markers can get messy and organizing crayons and coloring books can be a hassle. To avoid the artful chaos, download this app for $2. The Drip Drops is a digital coloring book with luminous colors and characters for your child to play with.

Whether you’re a new mom or dad or you’re letting your kid take the car out for the first time, these apps can help make parenting a little easier. From parenting forums and baby check-ups to keeping your toddler occupied, at least one of these apps can refresh your parenting style.

From all of us at IKO Community Management, happy downloading!

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