5 Productivity Apps for your HOA Board


If you’re a member of your community’s HOA board, chances are that you have a lot to balance in your life. Between work, family and pets, and hobbies in addition to the volunteer work you provide for the HOA, your mind is (most likely) understandably overwhelmed.

No worries though. IKO Community Management is here to help you organize the chaos. We’ve researched a large amount of productivity apps that are on today's market, and we have some recommendations for you to try out:

  • Any.Do – This smart, simple app allows you to collect your to-do lists from all of the different parts of your life into one place. Take those notes all over your desk, car, refrigerator and hand, and put them into this app. Your tasks stay in one convenient place for you to check off.

  • Evernote – Evernote lets you organize your handwritten notes, drawings, and pictures into searchable files across various platforms. You can organize your thoughts into different notebooks, write directly into the app using a stylus or keyboard, and tag everything for further organization. You can take pictures of your notes and papers, and add them to the app for future reference. We highly recommend this free tool.

  • Asana – Asana is a great tool for those of you living in large, active HOA communities that have multiple committees and tasks to manage and review. With email, you run the risk of tasks getting lost in the endless process of sorting, forwarding, and deleting messages. Asana allows your HOA board to communicate in task-specific areas to help everyone stay focused.

  • Remember the Milk – Other than the adorable logo, this app is another great list-keeping tool. This manageable and easy-to-use productivity app uses Siri to add tasks; manage Evernote reminders; get email, SMS or IM reminders; and share tasks with other users. You can also integrate your Google calendar, Gmail, Outlook, Twitter, and Evernote. The best part is that it’s free!

  • HabitRPG –This one is for the computer-savvy in the group! If there’s work to be done, why not make it fun? Some armor, swords and a polar bear companion are rewards in this game-like app. HabitRPG rewards the completion of tasks with points which can be exchanged for all of the aforementioned articles and more. You bullet point and assign tasks based on their difficulty to gain more points.

    HabitRPG hopes to encourage good habits, like exercising and eating fruits and veggies, while helping you stay on top of your community to-do list. It also encourages friendly competition and allows everyone to go on “quests” together. Check it out, and you might be surprised!

Everyone has their own taste, but hopefully some of these apps will work for everyone on your HOA board! If these don’t float your boat, the productivity app market is huge, and you’ll surely find something that will works for you. While face-to-face communication is always best, these apps will keep you organized between meetings and allow you to take notes for the betterment of the community. From all of us at IKO Community Management, happy app shopping!

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