Preparing Your Family for Back to School

Summer is coming to a close and the new school year will be starting soon. IKO Community Management wants to make sure that your family is ready for the first day of class!

To make sure your entire family is ready for the change in schedules, IKO has a list of tips to help with preparing your family for back to school.

  • Bedtimes – if your child has a bedtime during the school year that’s earlier than when they’ve been going to bed during the summer months, start enforcing the earlier time a few days to a week before the first day of school. Your kids might not be happy about this, but it’ll make the transition easier. It may be a good idea to set the alarm for the school year wake-up time a day or two earlier as well.
  • Busses– If your child takes the bus to and from school, make sure that you know the pickup times and locations before the first day. Changes may have occurred during the summer. If you haven’t received notification it’s still a good idea to call your school’s office just to double check.
  • Price Check – Even if you’re not making purchases online, many retailers will price match online site’s prices. Here’s a list of price matching policies at different retailers:

Most retailers will have sales before the start of the school year. Save yourself some time and do research before hand. The best prices can be found at one retailer when you use price matching. Make sure you know each store’s policies before you start shopping.

  • Schedules – If you have middle or high school-aged children, have a family meeting to discuss schedules for different sports, clubs or other activities. Discuss carpooling options with the parents of other children involved in afterschool activities. Do your younger children need to be enrolled in an afterschool or daycare program? If so, contact the daycare or your school’s office to make arrangements a few weeks in advance.
  • Lists – To get started, check the lists that your child’s teacher or school has provided. Sites like Amazon allow you to search for your child’s school and will give you a print out of what the school recommends that you purchase. Older children may have book lists, which will be posted at the local library and bookstore.
  • Uniforms – If your child’s school has a uniform requirement, have your child try on their uniform from the previous school year to make sure that it still fits. If it doesn’t, it’s time to hand it down to a younger sibling or donate the items to your school’s uniform closet. Order the new sizes a few weeks in advance. This way you can make sure that the items fit, or return them for a more appropriate size.
  • Organize – Use these last few days of summer to set up activity, chore and other calendars or charts that will help your family adjust to the change in schedules. Brainstorm ways to organize homework stations and school supplies with your children as a way to get them excited. This is a good time to make sure that bedrooms are clean and set up in a way that will make getting ready for school in the morning easy.

IKO Community Management wants the transition from summer to school to be as easy as possible! For more tricks, tips, and ideas, check out our Pinterest board dedicated to preparing for back to school! IKO hopes that you’ll take these last few weeks of summer and fill them with fun in the sun before the school year starts!

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