Plan the Perfect Game Day Party with IKO!

Football is back! Colleges are already in session and the NFL regular season is well underway. Football is a great chance to show off your spirit for your college or favorite franchise, eat good food, and celebrate on a cool fall weekend.

Even if you aren’t the biggest football fan in your community, the football season is a great opportunity for you and your family and friends to get together for a party during fall. You don’t even have to be at the stadium to tailgate! IKO Community Management loves a party, and we’re here with some tips to kickoff your own game day party!

  • The best thing about football parties? They can be really casual. There’s no need to send out invitations (a Facebook invitation may be a good idea, though). Invite people who live to close to you, your kids’ friends and their families, and your family if they’re close by. Remember, even if your guests live close to where the party is being held, it’s essential that you designate a driver before the party starts so that everyone gets home safely if they’ve been drinking. If no one volunteers, it’s your job as host to make sure everyone is safe. If this means lining up a taxi service with a professional company, that’s fine, as long as there’s a plan.
  • Place any large food orders prior to the party. Pizza and sandwich shops are popular destinations for fans and are often overwhelmed on days when a popular team is playing. Go in a few days prior to the weekend and talk to the shop and place your order before the rush. This way they are able to plan for your large order and you can designate a delivery time instead of having to wait for them to catch up on their orders.
  • If you’re rooting for your alma mater, buy or make a selection of food that will remind your guests of your favorite local place back when you were in school. This can be anything from sticky cinnamon buns to cheese fries to the hottest hot wings. This is also a good idea for your beverage selection! It doesn’t matter if it isn’t the most glamorous option; it’s all in good fun. Sometime you need to relive the “glory days.”
  • Decorate! Chances are you already have some of your team’s paraphernalia around the house. Bring it out, clean it up, and make it shine. If you have a friend who will be routing for the other team, play up the rivalry! Have them bring some of their team’s decorations. For a fun twist, decorate one side of the kitchen or party area with one team’s colors, and the other side with the opposing team’s colors.
  • Remember the kids. While some of the older kids may be interested in the game, younger kids will be a different story. This is the best example of a need for a kids room or area, where they can watch movies, play games, and, above all else, let the adults enjoy the game! Supply them with plenty of drinks and snacks, and let them enjoy time with their peers. Remember, even if the adults and kids are hanging out within earshot, supervision is necessary.
  • Pull out all the stops! Pull out your college hoodies and jerseys, brush on your war paint and go all out! Game day is like a mini Halloween or spirit day. It’s a chance for grown adults to act like kids, so why not take advantage of that?
  • If you want to go “all out,” take your party to the next level, and rent a large screen TV. It might be a good idea to have everyone pitch in, if this would be something everyone would be interested in!

For more ideas on how to celebrate football season, check out IKO Community Management’s Pinterest page! Do you have any football traditions in your home? We’d love to here about them! Please leave your comments below.

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