IKO Snow Removal Update


Dear Residents,

We have been receiving an enormous amount of calls from communities regarding snow removal, so we want to give you an update.

As you know, this was a record breaking snow event, much larger than any news station forecast. This storm has been recorded as the largest in our area. The Governor declared a state of emergency and is still asking that all citizens remain off the roads, if possible. We need to give the State time to clear as many roads as possible, including secondary streets. In addition, all State non-essential employees are requested to stay home. This storm has shut down the federal government for 3 days and may continue through Tuesday.

We ask that you have patience with the efforts of the State, county and private contractors in the plowing of your community. The contractors’ employees are working around the clock, and many of them have not stopped or only stopped for a few hours for rest and food since Friday afternoon. The following situations have hindered the ability of our contractors’ efforts to timely clear all areas: the impact of almost 30 inches of snow in 30 hours, the high winds causing drifting, many gas stations being closed or running out of fuel without refueling due to road conditions. Also note they are running out of room to put the snow. In addition, the primary roads still are not 100 percent cleared, and most major roads are down to one and a half lanes at best.

We understand residents want to get out for various reasons; however, please also understand that the contractors are doing everything they can to achieve this. The private HOA contractors are not permitted to clear County roads, and so some of their efforts are being stalled until the County is able to clear their streets within the communities.

This is a difficult situation for everyone, and we ask for your patience. The contractors are working very hard to provide you the best possible service.

Thank you for understanding.

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