How to Plan a Touchdown Football Party


If you haven’t yet, mark your calendars for February 7, 2016 because the greatly anticipated Super Bowl 50 is upon us. Set for Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, the game may be too far away for those of us on the East Coast to attend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw an awesome Super Bowl party in your living room. If you can’t wait until February, don’t worry! The NFL season is still underway, so you can plan a touchdown football party for any Sunday.

To help you prep and celebrate, here is IKO Community Management’s guide to planning a football party:

Choose a date. The best part about planning a football party is the date and time is already chosen for you. Just check your favorite team’s schedule, pick a game day and spread the word. Most of the games are on Sunday, but check your family’s schedule for any previous commitments.

Make the guest list and send invites. Whether you choose to invite the whole neighborhood or a few close friends and family, no party is complete without a stellar guest list, and yours is no exception! You can make sure everyone gets your invite by using Facebook Events. With a Facebook account, you can create a private event, including the name, invitees, location, date, time and a description. You can even decide if your guests can invite their friends, too.

If social media isn’t your forte, you can send an evite to your guests’ e-mails. If you want to use a more tangible invitation, send an old-fashioned paper invites by mail with RSVPs or simply pick up the phone to invite your pals.

Plan the menu. After decorating all of those Halloween treats, you’re practically a pro at event-specific menus. For your football extravaganza, try your hand at any one of these themed goodies or cook some homemade goodness with these football dishes. The menu is yours for the making.

Tip: When you are deciding which dishes to serve, ask your guests if they have any specific nutritional needs. If so, try to incorporate a snack or meal for everyone’s diet, including vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-intolerant options.

Clean your house. This football party will most likely be in your humble abode, so make sure it’s spotless before your guests arrive. While you’re dusting the wood furniture and cleaning the glass windows, don’t forget to remove any breakable items from the party’s main location. Football fans can get crazy during games, and you don’t want your precious picture frames or knickknacks to be the victim of a referee’s bad call.

Buy decorations. Undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable parts about throwing a party is decorating for the occasion. Visit your local Party City or Walmart for football-themed décor and supplies. You will find streamers in your team’s colors, quirky centerpieces shaped like a field, plates and napkins with footballs all over them and so much more.

Check the electronics. The worst thing that could happen at your kick-butt football party would be your television, speakers or satellite malfunctioning. Give a quick maintenance check-up to your electronics before game day, so everyone (including you) can sit back and relax—at least until their team starts losing.

This fall is sure to be a blast with football games every Sunday. Hosting a football party is a great way to bring your close friends and family together while cheering for your favorite team. Begin your planning with choosing a date and time from the NFL schedule then sending the invitations via mail, phone or Internet. Once you have received your RSVPs, create an amazing football-shaped buffet, tidy up the house, check your electronics and purchase some themed decorations to spice up the party.

From all of us at IKO Community Management, we hope you have a great party! Check out our Pinterest board for more ideas for your football party.

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