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How to Make the Cutest Mother’s Day Crafts

Posted by IKO Community Management on May 5, 2016 at 8:30 AM











Aren’t Moms some of the most wonderful people in the world? To make sure your mom knows how much of a superhero she is in your life, give her one of IKO Community Management’s favorite Mother’s Day crafts:

Chore Flower Bouquet

What you’ll need:

Construction paper


Flower and stem, vase, and statement templates

Glue or tape

  1. Fold a colorful piece of construction paper in half.
  2. Decorate the front of the card.
  3. Using a different piece of colorful construction paper, print out the vase and statement templates.
  4. Decorate the vase.
  5. Finish the sentences on the scroll with sweet messages for Mom.
  6. Glue or tape the completed scroll onto one side of the inside of the card.
  7. On the other side, glue or tape the edges of the vase to the card, leaving a pocket for the paper flowers.
  8. Print the flower and stem templates.
  9. Cut 2 to 3 small flowers and stems out.
  10. Tape each stem to a small flower.
  11. On each stem, write a chore that your child will do for Mom.
  12. Put the flowers in the vase’s pocket.

Paper Bag Heart

What you’ll need:

A brown paper bag

Pinking shears

A hole punch

Ribbon or yarn


Glue or tape (optional)

  1. Cut a heart shape using pinking shears out of a brown paper bag.
  2. Use a hole punch to create a series of holes around the edges of the heart.
  3. String ribbon or yarn through the holes.
  4. Tie the ends of the ribbon in a bow, or glue or tape the excess ribbon on the back of the heart.
  5. Write a sweet message on the heart.

“I love you” Sign Language Card

What you’ll need:

Construction paper



Glue or tape

  1. Fold a piece of construction paper in half for the card.
  2. Outline the shape of your child’s handprint on another piece of construction paper.
  3. Cut out the outline.
  4. Glue or tape the outline onto the front of the card except the two middle fingers.
  5. Bend the two middle fingers down halfway, and glue them in that position.
  6. Write a sweet message on the inside.

Memory-Clad Wooden Stool

What you’ll need:

Two different colors of paint


Wooden stool

Mod Podge

Scrapbook paper


Finishing craft spray

  1. Paint the wooden stool in one color, and let dry.
  2. Repeat coats until desired color.
  3. Paint the bottom of your little ones’ feet with the other color.
  4. Have them lightly step on the wooden stool to leave a small footprint, and let dry.
  5. Write the names and ages of your little ones on the scrapbook paper.
  6. Place the scrapbook paper onto the stool, and paint Mod Podge over it then let dry.
  7. Apply a finishing craft spray, according to the directions

And there you have it! We’ve given you four darling crafts that are perfectly suited to every amazing mom. Take an afternoon with your little ones, and make a cute card, bouquet, or keepsake just in time for Mother’s Day.

From all of us at IKO Community, happy Mother’s Day!

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