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Here's How To Make Amenities Management Easier

Posted by IKO Community Management on November 30, 2017 at 9:00 AM


One of the best selling points to HOA communities is their amenities, especially those who have taken into consideration the wants and needs of its residents. 

Whether it's a community pool and fitness center or neighborhood events and proximity to restaurants and grocery stores, amenities help resale and property values stay high. They also provide a strong sense of community and equality in your HOA neighborhood, as everyone is offered the same benefits. 

How does each community amenity stay in tip-top shape, though? HOA subcommittees and contracted vendors help, but they also come with a learning curve and project-based expenses, respectively. The best solution is a community management company with expertise in amenity management and the skills to help in other areas of your homeowners association-regulated neighborhood. 

Here's how companies like IKO Community Management make it easier for HOA boards: 

We have extensive resources. Many community management teams consist of educated individuals who are certified by the Community Associations Institute. At IKO, our team is experienced in multiple helpful areas, including HOA management, accounting, construction, administration, and more. This experience covers all amenity needs from start to finish.

Because of our team's broad background, we regularly access extensive online and print resources as well as educational opportunities to better our amenity management services for your master-planned community's needs. We also provide a weekly blog and monthly newsletter to keep your residents up-to-date on amenity schedules, additions, and renovations. 

We're local and hands-on. When you choose to partner with a local management company, you get the intimate local market knowledge that's necessary for community-specific tasks like hiring the right contractors for amenity maintenance and knowing the climate to prepare weather-related services in advance.

We've partnered with contractors in Maryland, including Montgomery, Frederick, Prince George's, and Carroll counties, as well as Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia. 

While we take care of everything in your neighborhood, HOA boards have time to establish and/or expand personal connections to residents in master-planned neighborhoods, high-rise communities, and other properties.

We're highly communicative. It's vital that community managers speak with more than the HOA board, even in regards to amenities. Our team effectively communicates with HOA subcommittees, residents, and contractors to discuss the benefits and goals of your community.

We offer a complete online brochure of community services for master-planned/single-family, townhomes, and high rise and condominiums that includes assistance with everyday needs like the following: 

  • Common area landscaping, maintenance, and preservation
  • Playground and park maintenance
  • Community pool openings
  • Residential analysis
  • Customized community website and newsletters
  • Vendor selection and management
  • Resident relations
  • Welcome books, packages, and manuals
  • Referrals for association and homeowner maintenance 

IKO takes the time to understand your HOA neighborhood needs, so we can adjust our vast experience and knowledge to better suit your short- and long-term goals. 

We'll teach you how to take care of your top amenities. We'll explain exactly how to keep your community pool blue year-round and dog parks and fitness centers clean and sanitary. We'll remind you to check on the candy bowl and heating and cooling system in the clubhouse.

Instead of running your amenities without your board, IKO wants to partner with each member. By helping your HOA board how to take care of its amenities, you'll also have the tools to succeed. You can start with this quick guide to amenity maintenance.

For more information about amenity management and other related services, click on the button below to watch IKO's Portfolio Community Manager Julie Hoffmann explain the details:

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