How To Effectively Advertise Your Summer Event In Your HOA


Before you can effectively advertise your summer event in your HOA, it’s important that your HOA board and subcommittee members are on the same page in regards to communication. Do you have an event workflow? Are you speaking with one voice? Who deals with questions and concerns?

How To Communicate During A Community Event

HOA community events are one of the fun parts about living in an association-regulated neighborhood. When planning them, it’s important to consider all aspects of communication and organic advertising. Think about these top considerations from IKO Community Management:

  1. Workflow. Who’s the main point of contact for this summer event? Should it be an HOA board member or the Social Subcommittee president? If a member of your HOA community has a question, comment, or concern about this event, this point of contact is who they’ll be directed to.

    If your board doesn’t have a communication workflow or needs to make updates to the existing one, take time at the next meeting to draw one out. When the workflow is finalized, ensure that it’s documented in a central location and let residents know about the changes.

  2. Voice. Your HOA board and subcommittee is made of individuals with different personalities and ideas about how issues regarding the event should be handled.

    However, it’s important that your board and subcommittee speak with one voice. This practice avoids confusion, unifies everyone as one seamless point of contact, and allows you to relay information effectively with your community.

    This voice should continue through all of your event communications, including printed messaging, emails, and social media.

  3. Issues. Dealing with HOA resident concerns and questions about any event can be exhausting. When these inquiries arise, it’s important to remember the event communication workflow and unified voice. Work as team and have templated responses ready.

After you establish proper communication within your HOA community for this summer event, it’s time to decide on a method of advertising information to invited residents.

Where To Communicate With Residents During An Event

  • Social Media. Some HOA communities prefer Facebook or LinkedIn, while others mainly use Twitter or Instagram. No matter which social media platform you commit to, ensure that you post all event details that residents need to know. This includes date, time, location, proper attire, parking, fees or ticket information, main point of contact, and so on.

  • Newsletter. Most HOA communities have a resident newsletter that’s sent out in the beginning or at the end of each month. Include the above-mentioned event details in the newsletter a month prior to the event. Since the Social Subcommittee gets 4 to 6 weeks to plan a summer event, this timing is perfect.

  • Printed Invites. If the HOA budget allows, send printed invitations with all of the details to each home in your neighborhood. For an eco-friendly touch, tell your residents to recycle the invitations or use them as RSVPs on event day. The latter option ensures that the Social Subcommittee recycles the paper invites.

  • Group Messaging Apps. Group messaging apps are really useful when it comes to keeping a community in touch during the summer months, especially if half of the neighborhood is planning an event. Set group rules, such as no negative commentary in the chat, to keep everything readable and helpful. Add everyone in the Social Subcommittee, HOA board, or residents to the group messaging app and send updates as they come up.

Now that you’re aware of how to effectively communicate within the event-planning group and where to speak with invitees, it’s time to plan the rest of your summer HOA event. Click on the button below to download IKO Community Management’s Guide To Hosting Summer Events In Your HOA:

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