How IKO Community Management Can Help You Right Now

A good community management firm can easily become one of your neighborhood’s greatest assets, second only to your residents. Community managers are in charge of making critical decisions in the best interest of your homeowners, which means it’s extremely important to do your homework during the hiring process.

To empower you during the hiring process, IKO is giving you the knowledge and tools necessary to confidently evaluate our community management company before the interview.

So, what makes our partnership different?

We have extensive resources.

IKO Community Management’s team consists of educated individuals who are certified by the Community Associations Institute and experienced in HOA management, real estate, accounting, construction, administration, property inspection, and more.

Because of our team’s broad background, we regularly access extensive online and print resources as well as educational opportunities to better our services for your planned community’s needs. We also provide a weekly blog and monthly newsletter to keep our communities up-to-date, too. 

For more information about our team’s training, click here. We discuss the importance of state real estate broker’s licenses, national examinations, and voluntary titles and certifications.

Our team is local and hands on.

When you choose to partner with a local company, you get the intimate local market knowledge that’s necessary for tasks like hiring the right contractors for maintenance. A local company allows community associations to establish and/or expand personal connections to residents in neighborhoods, high-rise communities, and other properties.

We've partnered with developers and contractors in Maryland, including Montgomery, Frederick, Prince George’s, and Carroll counties as well as Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia. Our market knowledge in these areas is unparalleled.

To us, your community is unique. 

Great community association management companies know how to create a balance between serving future and current residents. We expertly consult on upcoming trends and best practices to help create each planned community’s distinctive identity.

Our team differentiates the scope, size, complexity, unique needs, and requirements of each neighborhood. A handful of details and factors are necessary to skillfully strategize and implement a customized plan for your homeowners association and its governance structure, amenities, lifestyle and social programs, pre-management, and transition.

Our goal is to make it easier for you.

It’s vital that community managers speak with more than the HOA board. Our team effectively communicates with HOA subcommittees, professional partners, developers, and homeowners to discuss what matters most to your community.

We offer a complete online brochure of community services for master-planned/single-family, townhomes, and high rise and condominiums.

For HOA communities, we offer assistance with everyday needs, such as board meetings, accounting, and budgeting. We also take care of smaller details like the following:

  • Common area landscaping, maintenance, and preservation
  • Playground and park maintenance
  • Community pool openings
  • Residential analysis
  • Board of Directors relations
  • Compliance inspection
  • Customized community website and newsletters
  • Vendor selection and management
  • Employee hiring and training
  • Resident relations
  • Welcome books, packages, and manuals
  • Referrals for association and homeowner maintenance 

We understand your homeowners' needs.

IKO’s partnership with communities is different because we take the time to understand your residents' needs and wants.

From capital planning and vendor selection to welcome packages and resale assistance, our goal is to build a sustainable relationship between the HOA and homeowners while helping the board with everyday tasks.

We believe that each planned development is unique, and no solution is the same as another.

IKO continuously works and communicates with you beyond the basics to ensure nothing but success. You can meet some of our top notch team by visiting Who’s On Your Side In Community Management?

Our team is ready to help your community from the first phone call or email. If you're ready to let us help you, request a free proposal from IKO by clicking below:  

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