HOA Community Fourth of July Celebration Ideas

The 4th of July is the most anticipated celebration during the summer months. For many, it means vacation week. Beaches, lakes, camping, resorts, or simply taking the week off to spend time at home, known as a staycation! IKO Community Management knows many HOA communities will be planning a day of fun in their neighborhood to celebrate the nation’s birthday.

What does your HOA holiday celebration committee have in the works for your community? Perhaps a parade of bikes, strollers, and wagons? Maybe a pool party at your community pool? An afternoon BBQ, games, and music in your community park? Neighborhood celebrations are a great way to get to know one another and share good times. Is your neighborhood lacking in fun, festive activities? Gather a few neighbors, form a group to lead the way, and start new traditions.

Who doesn’t love a parade? Parades provide enjoyment for those of all ages in your HOA community, from those that actually participate in the parade to neighbors that just want to be spectators. It’s a perfect way to start your community day to get everyone involved. Planning the perfect parade takes just a little coordination.

Always start by communicating with your HOA community manager. Decide on a date, time, and safe street to hold your parade. Do make sure there is ample room for spectators and lawn chairs for the cheering crowd. If a street is not available, how about a sidewalk or park area? Your HOA will be able to help with emails, flyers, and website postings to get the word out. Encourage all neighbors to participate. Bikes, wagons, strollers, all are welcome to decorate in festive red, white, and blue. Have a few elderly neighbors? Invite them to be judges. Select fun categories for all participants to try and win, then have them hand out prizes. On a hot day, snow cones of red, white and blue can be a great way to cool off at the end!

Thinking picnic? Picnics are another great way to include everyone. As always, have your party committee work with your HOA to get the word out as to the details of your gathering. Start by choosing a park area or cul-de-sac that will be out of the way of traffic. Put the word out to see who might have folding tables for your buffet and grills for cooking hot dogs and burgers. Most families have these supplies and are happy to pitch in. Invite everyone to bring a dish and/or dessert to share. For seating, if picnic tables are not readily available, have everyone bring lawn chairs or blankets to sit upon. Decorate with traditional red, white and blue!

Add a little fun by adding contests such as most patriotic dessert or dish. Invite all to participate in a costume contest, which can be great fun for children and adults alike. Come dressed in your best red, white and blue outfits. Have prizes available for different categories! How about a watermelon eating contest? Maybe your committee has a game enthusiast that will organize group competition? These are just a few suggestions to spice up your gathering.

If your neighborhood has a community pool, check to see if you may hold your gathering poolside. It is possible to have a parade in the morning and a pool gathering, picnic style, in the afternoon to enjoy a fun filled day. Check with your HOA to see what rules and regulations your pool may have about holding a party. Decorate the pool area with patriotic colors. Serve up some All American dishes like hot dogs, BBQ, and apple pie!

Planning your HOA community gathering with some of these awesome ideas will encourage neighborhood camaraderie. If your community already has some of these traditions, enjoy the fun. If not, there is still time to plan. Start simple and add to it each year. Adults and kids love to celebrate so go ahead, get started on the celebration of our great nation. IKO Community Management wishes everyone a safe and Fun 4th of July holiday.

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