Helping your Kids Adjust to the End of Daylight Savings Time

Daylight savings time is ending next week! While the extra hour of sleep will be nice Monday morning, both the start and end of daylight savings time puts stress on the little ones. IKO Community Management wants to help you prepare your family for the changes ahead! Here are some tips for helping your kids adjust to the end of daylight savings time.

  • Get started early. Around the middle of the day before the switch, set you clocks back and follow your daily routine according to those times. Usually eat dinner around 6? Eat when you clock says 6. If the kids go to bed at 9? Well, you get the drift. Following your normal routine, according to the clocks, will help the family adjust. It might help to set timers on your cellphone for the first few days.
  • Brighten your day! Add extra lighting to your home. The sudden change in times will cause your kids to be ready for bed earlier than they should be, which will cause issues in the morning. Focus on areas where the kids unwind, the kitchen and dining room, and anywhere that the kids do homework. The dark evening hours will make everyone feel sleepy, so keep your home nice and bright! Timers and programmable lights are something worth giving a shot.
  • If your little ones are getting up too early in the morning (mom and dad need their sleep too!), request that they stay in their rooms until the clock tells them it’s time to get up. Let them read or play quietly, but instruct them to stay in their rooms. After a few days they’ll adjust and start to sleep later.
  • If the kids are feeling sleepy too early in the evening, try taking a walk as a family or something else that gets the family moving. Something as simple as playing a board game while dinner is cooking may be enough to energize the kids and keep them up for homework and prevent them from falling asleep in their dinner. This may seem like a tough thing to balance; you don’t want them jumping off the walls by bedtime, but you don’t want them ready for bed at 7pm. Choose an activity that isn’t too rambunctious, but is just enough to get the blood flowing and brain working again.
  • While winter may seen like the perfect time for warm, gooey, comfort food, these foods will have your kids ready for bed as soon as they’re done eating. Not only are these foods unhealthy, they won’t help with the adjustment to the end of daylight savings time either. You can still enjoy your winter and fall favorites, but opt to use them as a side dish instead of the main course. Feature salad or veggies as the largest portion on the plate, with smaller portions of meat/protein and then your carbs/starch (aka yummy comfort food) as a small side. Yes, you can have your lasagna or pierogies, just in smaller portions.

Using even just one of these tips will help your family adjust to the change of schedule that comes with the end of daylight savings time. While enjoying that extra hour of sleep may seem like a priority, try to adjust your internal clock as a priority. While these changes may not seem like a big deal, remember, kids handle changes differently than adults. IKO Community Management hopes that you’ll wake rested and ready for the week ahead!

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