Family Fall Activity Guide


The weather is changing and the house is quieter with the kids back in school. Summer was a whirlwind of frenzied activity, and now that fall is here it’s time to take a breath before the holiday season is upon us.

Fall is a great time of year for spending time with the family without worrying about big vacation plans or taking off work to spend time with the kids while they’re home. IKO Community Management has some tips and ideas to help you to enjoy this beautiful season.

  • Check your email - Gone are the days where schools relied on students to relay information to their parents. Most school districts send out weekly updates with events, activities, and other opportunities all in one place. School events are a great way to stay involved with your kids. If you have some spare time, consider volunteering for events, like manning the concession stand at a football game or chaperoning a school dance. You’ll meet other parents, and get to know more and more about your child’s school. Bring siblings to each other’s events. This is a simple, planned, organized way to do something with the entire family.
  • PYOPick Your Own farms are always a family favorite, but especially during the fall season. Just jump in the car, and drive out to your local PYO farm to pick apples and pumpkins and to enjoy other activities provided by these farms, such as petting zoos and arts and crafts. After a day of fun, you can use the apples you’ve picked for school lunches, pies, sauces and dumplings (just to name a few). Halloween is right around the corner, and pumpkins will keep a few weeks before hand.
  • Fairs – Fall ushers in fair season! Street fairs, harvest festivals, county and state fairs. All you need to do is load your family in the car and head on out to your local fairgrounds for crafts, food, games, animals, shows and many other activities and vendors. The kids will have so much fun, they’ll be asleep before you’re out of the parking lot at the end of the day.
  • Take a ride – If you find yourself with a Sunday afternoon filled with restless kids, take a ride! The fall foliage is all you need. You don’t need to pick a destination, just go! You don’t need to plan anything. If you see a roadside stand, stop by for some cider or fall produce. If you want to stop for something to eat, stop wherever the family wants to. Try something new!
  • Get back to nature – With the leaves changing colors and the temperatures cooling down, fall is a great time to explore the outdoors with your family. Visit a local park or nature trail and spend a few hours enjoying the scenery. If you have older children, find a river guide and go on a canoe trip down a stretch of river. If your family is looking for more of a commitment, think about joining a scout troop. Parents are needed to lead the troops/volunteer to help with events and kids will get the chance to experience all sorts of extracurricular activities. It’s another great way to get involved with your children!
  • Explore your community – Again, this doesn’t require a lot of planning. Pick a spot (leave it up to a family vote) in your community that you think would be fun to visit. Check their website or Facebook to see if they have any family friendly events that it would be fun to participate in. The great thing about exploring your local community is that these days are easy to customize. Do you only have a few hours to spare? That’s fine! Can you devote a day to this outing? Great. You’re only a few minutes from your home, so plans can change if necessary.

IKO Community Management hopes that you have a wonderful, relaxing, fall filled with quality family time. Do you have any suggestions for family friendly fall activities? Share them in the comments!

Download IKO's Fall Festivities Guide