How To Perform Fall Maintenance On Your Lawn


If you’re like us, you’re ready for lawn care season to be over. (We enjoy the nice little break before we start shoveling snow.) However, don’t pack up your mower just yet! There’s still maintenance to be done before winter hits.

Fall is the opportune time to guarantee a healthy lawn for next year. Some believe that winter will erase any work done in the fall, but we're here to bust that myth with a few tips before the ground freezes. IKO Community Management has the fall lawn care tips you need to prep for winter:

  • Continue to mow your lawn until it’s not actively growing anymore. Don’t cut it too short in hopes that you won’t have to mow it again as the season comes to an end. Leaving the grass too long can lead to harmful diseases in the spring. When the grass becomes dormant, shift your mower deck a notch lower than usual, and mow it one final time. 

    Tip: Want to save time? Invest in a mulch attachment for your mower to combine a few steps into one.

  • Rake ‘em up! Don’t leave leaves to decay on your lawn. Leaves block much needed sunlight from reaching the grass. Homeowners can dispose of lawn waste by means recommended by your community, or use the leaves for mulch or compost.

  • Seed and feed. Believe it or not, fall is the ideal time to plant grass seed and fertilize your lawn. In contrast with summer, fall brings cooler temperatures, more moisture, and plenty of sunshine that won’t scorch your yard. A thriving fall lawn leads to a healthy spring lawn. The first feeding should happen in September, and it’s recommended that you get another feeding in before the ground freezes.

  • Before the roots freeze on your mums, plant them in your garden for a pop of fall color! Other fall bloomers, such as cabbage and pansies, are great options to beautify your lawn. Autumn is also the time to plant your bulbs for spring blooming.

  • Clean up. We’ve already mentioned leaves, but now is the time to clean up and prepare any gardens or flower beds for spring. Clear any non-organic debris, such as planters and garden tools (this might be a good time to organize your garage or shed), and prepare the soil for spring. Clear any old perennials, and your compost pile should be brimming by now!

  • Plant. Other than grass and spring bulbs, if you’re planning on adding any new trees or other large plants to your yard, fall is a great time to do so. Cooler temps and higher moisture mean less shock and happier plants.

Don’t worry! We promise you’ll still have time to unwind before you gear up for Christmas decoration and salting the driveway. Remember, don’t overextend yourself. Take frequent breaks to rest your limbs and stay hydrated. It’s easy to forget these safety tips, especially right after the caution-filled summer months, but they’re equally as important during now!

IKO Community Management will be jumping in piles of leaves and enjoying this wonderful weather, and we hope you’ll do the same.

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