Digging Out After the Snow

Winter weather is here! Most of us will have to shovel snow at one time or another. Neighborhoods today may include some type of snow removal depending on each HOA. IKO Community Management would like to share tips for digging out after the snow!

For sidewalks and stairs get out early and broom or shovel several times during a storm. This will make the work load easier when the storm is over. The sun will help do the rest as it makes the best snow melter. Cleaning stairs and sidewalks frequently allows the pavement to warm up quicker beneath the snow and also will help prevent ice from forming. Applying a deicer overnight will help to prevent melting snow from refreezing. Experts recommend using calcium chloride over sodium chloride (rock salt) if you must use salt. Check the label when purchasing as some products can corrode sidewalks and damage plants.

Shovel around your mailbox if you have one in your neighborhood and make your mailman’s life easier. It is best to free up a trail for him to swing closer to your mailbox.

Live nearest to the fire hydrant? Take the time to clear the area around the hydrant as this will enable firefighters to locate it easily in case of an emergency. Everyone will be thankful should the hydrant be needed.

Help your trash and recycling companies out by clearing the area around your bins. These bins also collect snow on the lids and blowing snow often creates drifts around your cans. Make sure the lids on garbage cans are tight to avoid snow inside. This creates heavy, wet, garbage which makes for leaking sludge either on you or those that remove your waste. If it is standard to place your can by the roadside, make sure there is a clear path to your bins.

Removal of snow by snowplows on roads often can create a snow bank in front of your driveway. This can be frustrating especially when you’ve just finished cleaning your driveway. If you cannot get to clearing it right away, try shoveling a small track for your car’s wheels so you can get in and out of your driveway easily. An excellent idea is to back your car into the driveway. This will allow a clear view to navigate the snow bank. Don’t forget, if possible, please park all vehicles in your garage or driveway! This allows the snowplows to clear all roads quickly and safely.

Remember to always brush the snow off of your vehicle’s roof. Many folks do not take the time to do this which creates driving hazards as huge slabs of snow fly off roof tops when traveling on the highway. Try using a push broom to make the job easier. Did you know that folding your windshield wipers back from the windshield before a snow storm will make cleaning the car after the storm much easier?

Just a friendly reminder in your own home, make sure the water supply is turned off to your outside hoses. Frozen pipes are no fun! Checking the seals on windows and doors will also keep your family warm and save you money on your energy bills. Winter has a way of sneaking in. Don’t have time to change the door sweep right now? Try adjusting the one on there now or use a rolled up towel or blanked to stop the cold air from entering.

If you should have older residents in your neighborhood, please check in on them. And, if you can, offer assistance with any of the above snow removal needed.

IKO Community Management hopes you will enjoy the winter months and if we do get snow, these tips should help to ensure a safer neighborhood for all.

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