Decorating Ideas for the Fourth of July

Get out your red, white and blue! It’s time to decorate for our nation’s birthday. IKO Community Management is as excited as you are to show off our American pride! From a simple American flag to all out displays, this is one of the most decorated holidays of the year. Showing off your creative style can be done with do-it-yourself projects and crafts or purchasing fun, patriotic products. Whether you're having guests over for a July 4th party or wanting to just show your patriotism IKO shares decorating ideas for the Fourth of July!

  • Flags, flags, everywhere! The American flag is the number one decorating idea. On flag poles, attached on front porches, and lining sidewalks and driveways. Flags can be used to decorate tables for parties from several small flags in a jar as a centerpiece. The American flag can be used to add a festive look to wreaths on front doors, as extra color in potted plants, or made into festive garland to add around your picnic area.
  • Add a little patriotic touch with fabrics to complete your look. Red, white and blue handkerchiefs are perfect for adding color without spending a lot of money. Use them as placemats or lay them out as a runner for your buffet table. As pillow covers, put one on top and one underneath and tie the corners together. Red, white and blue ribbon makes a great accent on wreaths, mason jars and candles. Fabrics come in all different patterns and materials to design your day.
  • Candles and lanterns are a terrific way to light up the party or add warmth to your decorations. Floating red, white and blue candles can be lit in a bowl of water as a centerpiece. Inexpensive votive candles are great for inserting into tin can lanterns to line your walkway. Candles can be placed in mason jars tied with festive ribbon and used just about anywhere in your home for that little extra touch. If you have a few trees, hang paper lanterns of holiday colors from the branches.
  • Flowers are beautiful way to add festive color to your home or party. From cut flowers in vases to potted plants on your porch or sidewalk, plants are a great way to express patriotism. Many annuals, such as petunias, flower with red, white and blue blooms. Try a few red geraniums with white alyssum in a blue container. Flowers add beauty not only to your 4th of July holiday, but all summer long.
  • For families with kids, or if you just like to make crafts, there are plenty of fun ideas to make your own decorations from recycled paper, plastics, tin cans, and other products. Use paper towel tubes and construction paper to make your own fire rockets for decoration. Attach to a stick and place in a jar or pot to make a great centerpiece. Make tin can lanterns by freezing water in them, making holes with a hammer and nail in the shape of stars on the sides, add a votive candle and ta da, you have a beautiful handmade holiday item. Have the kids make festive pinwheels from red, white and blue paper and dowel rods. Place them in the yard and watch them spin as the wind blows them. Paint clay pots in festive colors and then use for plants or as a crock.

IKO Community Management would like to wish everyone a safe and fun 4th of July holiday. With these ideas and your own creative ones, your holiday decorating will be a fun adventure. Enjoy making your own crafts or having fun shopping for already made items. Either way, get out there and show off your patriotism!

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