HOA Community Volunteer Day

This week we celebrate Veteran’s Day in the United States of America. Here at IKO Community Management we’re thankful everyday for the selflessness and fortitude exhibited by our brave men and women. Inspired by their generosity, we wanted to share some ideas for how your HOA community can give back through community volunteer days. Here are some simple ideas and tips

  • Hold a collection drive. Ask charities within your city/state what they are short on this time of year. It won’t do any good to show up to their doors with 20 frozen turkeys if their freezers are already full. Some ideas of what you could collect would be:
    • Canned Goods/Nonperishable Items
    • Winter Coats
    • Gently Used Clothing
    • Eye Glasses
    • Hygiene Kits
    • School Supply Packages
    • Toys/Christmas Gifts
  • Give Mother Nature a hand! Encourage recycling in your community, then take it a step further. Liter isn’t just an eyesore; it’s dangerous for animals and harms the environment. Gather a group to help clean ups streams, parks or roads near your community. After you’re done, consider adopting a road or highway as a community, and keep up this maintenance year after year. You’ll need to alert the proper authorities, who will make sure you’re safe. Dress for the task at hand! Wear work gloves, muck boots, and weather appropriate clothing. Arrange a time for the collected trash to be picked up. You don’t want all your hard work to go to waste. Some things you’ll want to collect:
    • Warning Signs (These will be provided by your local authorities)
    • Trash Bags
    • Shovels (Refuse like tire shards can become inconveniently stuck in the mud)
  • Help out at a shelter. Contact a shelter before hand. They may be booked for a while in advance. They will, again, let you know what they need. Some shelters will ask you to prepare food before hand, others are required to have food prepared on premise. You’ll need volunteers to prepare the food, serve the food, and clean up afterwards. It’s also a good idea to have some adults from your party sit down and talk with the partakers. You’ll have a chance to swap stories and learn about others in your city. This volunteer activity is a good idea for middle school students and older.
  • Visit a nursing home. This is a great opportunity for families with younger kids! Again, call the home to schedule a date. Some of the residents haven’t seen children for a while, and will be excited for visitors. Talk with the residents, have the kids read their favorite stories, and sit and listen to what the residents what to say. If you have any talented youngsters in your group, ask if they’d be permitted to put on a short talent show for the residents. Most nursing homes will have a piano in their common room.
  • If there’s an event already scheduled in your area, such as a walk to raise awareness, sign your community up. Show up in force to represent your community and spread good will. Raise money as a group, where matching t-shirts, and raise awareness for your community while doing good deeds.

IKO Community Management hopes that you’ll think about giving back to your community in honor of our past and present military personnel in light of Veteran’s Day. We all have a responsibility to the world around us, and the world should be a better place after we’ve lived in it. To learn more about how IKO Community Management serves their local community, click here.

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