Back to School: Box Tops, Backpacks and Books


It’s the end of August and that means more than just the leaves beginning to change colors and fall. It means it’s time to get back into schedule mode and go back to school. However, before you send your kids off to hit the books in the halls of learning again, consider teaching them your own little lesson in kindness and generosity. Here are a few of IKO Community Management’s favorite fundraisers for your local schools:

Box Tops for Education: This nationwide non-profit is a wonderful way to give back to your schools with only a pair of scissors and a Ziploc bag. By simply cutting off tokens from your grocery items, your child’s school gets 10 cents per token (or more, depending on the offer). Box Tops can be found on a variety of household necessities from trash bags to canned food, so start shopping and get snipping!

Backpacks Give Back: This fundraiser gets everyone in the community involved by sending backpacks full of school supplies and books to the less fortunate. Whether it’s close to home or far away, the best part about this project is that it can benefit anyone in need. Stuff any type of backpack with gently used or new supplies, such as pencils, coloring books, markers and stickers, to give another child a great school year.

Bring Your Teacher School Supplies: This project needs no deadline and no planning! Every year educators around the nation provide their classrooms with hand sanitizer, tissues, puzzles, games, books and extra supplies. Help out a local teacher by bringing in any of the above mentioned necessities or anything else your child’s classroom needs. Every donation is sure to be greatly appreciated.

From all of us at IKO Community Management, happy giving!

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