A List Of New Laws In Maryland For 2018: Part II


IKO details the legislative hot topics in Maryland from various HOA law sources. These hot topics could become new laws in Maryland upon voting.

According to Community Associations Institute, the top five priority issues at the state level that affect homeowners associations and condominiums in 2018 include construction deficiencies, short-term rentals, alternative dispute resolution, sales disclosure, and solar rights & electric vehicle charging stations.

This is the final Maryland legislative session (which runs from January until mid-April) before statewide elections in November. According to Thomas Schild Law Group of Rockville, Maryland, “With the entire general assembly and governor up for election, the legislature is expected to focus on many bills previously considered but not enacted.”

Legislation will consider the following for community associations:

  • An increase in the condominium insurance deductible paid by unit owners where damage originates in a unit
  • A stricter license for community association managers
  • Statewide registration of condominiums, homeowner associations, and housing co-operatives
  • A requirement for periodic reserve studies to estimate the cost of replacing and repairing common property
  • A proposal to limit association authority to regulate electric vehicle charging stations in certain common elements
  • A proposed legislation on association governance matters, including director conflicts of interest, books and records, and association websites  
  • A proposed bill that allows a condominium board of directors to suspend an owner’s use of the common property parking lot and recreational amenities if the owner is delinquent in payment of assessments
  • A bill titled Expansion of Debtor Exemptions “which would have greatly expanded exemptions for assessment debtors and made it harder for community associations to collect outstanding dues,” according to the 2017 End of Session Report from the Maryland Legislative Action Committee

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