5 Subtle Signs You Need Community Association Management Now


There are a few reasons why you absolutely need a community association management company, but what if there are a few signs your homeowners association is missing?

With the help of HouseLogic and Buildium, IKO Community Management discusses the top five subtle signs that you should look out for if you’re thinking about hiring a community association management company:

  • Volunteer (or elected) homeowners don’t have the time or experience necessary to serve on your HOA’s board. It’s great when your next-door neighbor volunteers to help run the HOA, but because of challenging tasks involved, their lack of knowledge or experience can hinder your community’s progress.

    For example, one of the responsibilities of a community association manager (CAM) is to file tax, legal, insurance, and mortgage records for your homeowners association. This is because they have the experience and knowledge in state and federal law to handle those sensitive documents -- unlike your eager next-door neighbor. They can also help avoid breaking discrimination laws and property damage suits.

    Aside from law, HOA board members should have innate skill and/or experience in areas like finance, operations, vendor management, insurance, or conflict resolution. If no one does, it's time to hire a CAM.

  • Your HOA is already responsible for managing a variety of big responsibilities, including complex building systems, seasonal amenities, multiple homes or condominiums, and common area facilities. You may want to hire someone to take care of day-to-day operations to give you a well-deserved break.

  • Your HOA board has time-consuming daily schedules. On the other hand, your board may be busy with little tasks that involve regular membership and homeowner communication, community event planning, routine billing, and rule enforcement. Most CAMs will take care of the following:

    • Adhering to your community’s Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions
    • Billing and processing monthly HOA fees
    • Maintaining tax, legal, insurance, and mortgage records
    • Performing necessary interior and exterior maintenance, or hiring and organizing quality contractors for the job
    • Handling neighbor disputes

  • Your homeowners association doesn’t have good relationships with vendors and contractors -- if they have one at all. When things need to get done, it seems like they needed to get done yesterday. You can count on an established community association management company to hire reputable contractors and vendors to complete your community’s project in a timely manner for a reasonable cost.

    In many cases, property management companies have long-term relationships with local vendors and contractors. This makes everything easier on your board because maintenance calls and scheduling can be handled promptly. No more research required.

  • Your HOA doesn’t like confrontation. A few key personality traits are required to be on the board, including honesty and fairness, but many people have a hard time dealing with uncomfortable situations. This can include late HOA fee collection and neighbor disputes.

    With a CAM, you don’t have to step into that awkward role as a homeowner and a rule enforcer.

If you’ve seen any of these subtle signs in your homeowners association, especially within the board, it’s time to hire a community association management company. Take more of IKO Community Management’s advice via our Guide To Hiring A Community Association Management Company by clicking on the button below: 

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