5 Steps to Pinteresting Your Fall Road Trip


Scientists say they have finally mapped out the perfect North American road trip, which is wonderful news because almost everyone has thought about packing up their bags and hitting the road before. Whether you fill the car with your family or friends, it can be exhausting to plan out every last detail. Unlike vacations, road trips require multiple stops, which present a whole new set of challenges. Have no fear though! Here is IKO Community Management’s checklist on how to Pinterest your fall road trip:

  1. Follow Roadtrippers on Pinterest for some amazing travel advice and getaway fever. The Roadtrippers blog offers thoughts on America’s 6 natural wonders to the best state parks in the country to the weirdest restaurants in Portland. The company also has an app that uses Google Maps to find directions and lay out your route before you leave. It also lets you calculate time, fuel costs and distance.

Tip: While downloading Roadtrippers, search for AroundMe and OnTheWay in the App Store. Both services offer restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, hotels and other stops based on your location, so you don’t have to waste time Googling: “Seattle, best coffee house.”

  1. Search for the right budget calculator. The great thing about Pinterest is that it offers links to various websites, so when you’re typing in “budget calculator,” you can decide which advice suits your travel needs. The search will give you options, such as how to expertly follow the 50/20/30 Rule or how to eat for less than $1 per day.
  1. Find good entertainment. A road trip means driving for a long stretches of highway, but it’s the little moments in the car that create lasting memories. To begin a family karaoke session, download some music apps (before you begin driving) like Pandora, iHeartRadio or Songza. Don’t forget that you can still make good old-fashioned CDs, too. If music can only occupy your party for so long, log onto Pinterest to search for classic and trendy car games. The site will offer you everything from downloadable Car Bingo to Big Kid Highway Quest to a from-the-car Scavenger Hunt.
  1. Ensure the safest voyage possible. Your vehicle should be in tip-top shape, so you can avoid breaking down in the middle of nowhere. For a few basic steps, check your car’s vital fluids, make sure you have the tools to change a flat, and take care of the existing tires with the proper amount of air. To get checklists and advice up to the minute, you can also follow AAA’s Car Tips board on Pinterest.
  1. Pack like a pro. Before you begin throwing random clothes into a suitcase, think about where your road trip will take you. Look at the Weather app on your phone, and you’ll probably decide that layers are the best option. While you gather your shirts and scarves, be sure to pack first aid supplies and spare toiletries. You never know when the bug repellent and Neosporin will come in handy. It’s also smart to store a roll of toilet paper in your glove compartment – you know, just in case. When you’re done packing the essentials, pack some healthy snacks. Skip the greasy fast food and opt for a bag of pretzels, lunch meat, cheese sticks, carrots or apples with peanut butter.

Planning a road trip involves a lot of scheduling and thinking ahead, but Pinterest can make it easier. You can follow specific boards or pinners, such as AAA or Roadtrippers. If you want everything in one place, put your favorite ideas to your own boards for quick access. Bet you didn’t know Pinterest is more than just crafty do-it-yourself projects.

Remember to follow IKO Community Management on Pinterest for road trip ideas, crafts, recipes, community news, and more!

From all of us at IKO Community Management, happy road tripping!

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