5 HOA Preparation Tips For Summer


It’s the start of summer, and what better way to celebrate the warm weather than with tips on how to prepare your homeowners association and HOA community for the season? Check out IKO Community Management’s top preparation tips for the summer:

Prepare to open the community pool. Memorial Day weekend at the end of May marks the opening of community pools across the United States. Before you open the gates, ensure that the following procedures are followed, according to your community’s bylaws and CC&Rs:

  • Set the ground (and water) rules. Establish and communicate clear rules and guidelines for residents to follow to ensure the safety of everyone who attends the community pool. Talk about pool passes, fobs, or badges; appropriate swimwear and toys; food and drink policy; and horseplay and diving etiquette.

  • Staff the pool. A community pool must have adequate lifeguards, pool managers, nurses, Certified Pool Operators, and other employees to fully operate. Think about how many people you’ll need, what training is required, and so on.

  • Talk about pool insurance. Pools can be a huge liability for the community, because the possibility of a resident getting injured in this common area is likely (if the rules aren’t followed). After establishing clear regulations, talk to your community’s insurance company to ensure that all instances are covered.

  • Maintain the pool. Community pools require a lot of technical maintenance on top of staffing and insurance. Contact a reputable pool management company and discuss viable options for plumbing, heater, and pump maintenance before opening the pool.

Hire a professional landscaping company. It’s a good idea to look for winter damage in your HOA community, but when it comes to the dos and don’ts of landscaping for the summer, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. This option gives you top experience and unrivaled knowledge of flowers, trees, grass, and climate. It’s also a cost-efficient alternative to manual labor and a huge benefit to your residents and potential buyers and renters.

Your community also looks more consistent, and none of the other HOA board members or volunteers have the responsibility of maintaining the neighborhood. For more information about why you should hire a gardening company, visit our blog.

Get your community financial management in order. Tax season ends around the beginning of summer, which means now is the perfect time to establish and utilize a better system for financial management.

For example, if your HOA board is stealing, doesn’t know basic accounting terminology, and/or isn’t seeking out additional savings, you need to get your financial management in order for next tax season.

If you want your board to get the best homeowners association financial management plan, check out our blog or download our popular guide.

Plan a community event. With the nice weather and longer days, summer is the perfect time to plan a community event. To prep for this neighborhood fun, choose a topic like a spring cookout or community-wide garage sale. After you choose a topic, ask for volunteers to join an event planning subcommittee, and get started!

Discuss pet policy. Dog walks and visits to the dog park are more common in the summer, which means now is a good time to send out a reminder to residents about pet policy in your neighborhood. Talk about pet registration, nuisance behavior, proper pet waste disposal, dog park rules, and other tips to ensure a safe and happy animal.

For a final summer prep tip, download IKO Community Management’s checklist to spring cleaning in your HOA community by clicking on the button below:

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