20 Ways to Have a Productive Snow Day


According to the Farmers’ Almanac, Maryland’s winter has been unseasonably cold, resulting in more than 35 inches of snow over a 2-month span. Public schools across the state have closed from more than a week due to the weather, leaving your kids at home with nothing to do. Instead of vegging out in front of the television, try something new using IKO Community Management’s guide to snow days:

  1. Bake. Now is the perfect time to indulge in some warm, sweet treats, starting with this cannoli poke cake.
  2. Take pictures. Bundle up and go outside to snap some winter photos. If you’d rather stay indoors, play dress up and have a fashion show.
  3. Clean the house. This is the last thing your kids want to do on their day off, but a little pre-spring cleaning never hurt anyone.
  4. Play board games. Some good, old-fashioned family fun lies within those dusty boxes.
  5. Build a fort. The perfect fortress comes with adequate lighting, a few dozen blankets and a lot of snacks.
  6. Put together a puzzle. If cabin fever is driving you crazy, try focusing on putting together a neat puzzle.
  7. Read a book. There’s nothing better than cozying up on the couch with some hot tea and good book.
  8. Do arts and crafts. All you need is some paper, crayons and a little imagination.
  9. Write a letter. Craft a letter to a family member you never see or a friend who moved away. Maybe write something to your future self and store it for safekeeping.
  10. Have a spa day. If you’ve got a face mask, some bubble bath and a few bottles of nail polish, you’re good to go.
  11. Call (or Skype) an old friend. Step away from texting and social media, and pick up the phone to talk to an old friend about what they’ve been up to. If you’d rather see them face-to-face, set up a Skype account with your webcam.
  12. Exercise. You don’t need a gym membership or at-home equipment to workout. Grab a mat for a yoga session, or do some quick squats while you make breakfast.
  13. Plan your summer or spring break vacation. Like we mentioned before, cabin fever consumes you when you have back-to-back snow days. With all of that free time, start planning your family’s summer vacation or spring break getaway.
  14. Catch up on sleep. Though you shouldn’t spend the entire day sleeping, these snow days can be good for hitting snooze a few times.
  15. Scrapbook. If you have boxes upon boxes of old pictures, letters, ticket stubs and other memorabilia, make something beautiful by putting them in a scrapbook.
  16. Shop online. Though we don’t recommend cleaning out your bank account, it’s good to treat yourself to something new every now and then. You deserve it.
  17. Plant a winter garden. If you’re daring enough to brave the cold, use our guide to build a winter garden.
  18. Get organized. Clean out your closet of clothes that you never wear, or donate the kitchen utensils that never get used. Spend time going through unnecessary computer files and shredding unimportant documents from your home office.
  19. Read the newspaper. People say newspapers are dying, but there are so many cool articles inside of them. Not to mention daily horoscopes, crossword puzzles, Sudoku and comic strips.
  20. Catch up on your to-do list. How long have you wanted to hang those frames? What about repaint the bathroom, or organize the Christmas decorations? Use the snow day to catch up on the tasks around the house.

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From all of us at IKO Community Management, have a happy snow day!