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About IKO


About IKO

For both residential and commercial communities looking to manage their day-­to-­day HOA operations in an efficient and effective manner that maximizes a sustainable community value and opportunity, IKO Community Management offers the strength of expertise and experience combined with a passion for quality and customer care through a humanized, caring customer experience. 

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IKO Community Management is dedicated to:

  • Providing a personal and professional hands-on approach to every member of your community.
  • Promoting open, on-going communication with your Board members and homeowners or tenants.
  • Making a positive impact on the value, environment, and quality of life in your community.
  • Being accessible when you need us to follow through on our commitment to you
  • Establishing an effective team effort between IKO and with your association to create a strong sense of community and maintain the integrity of your property
  • Securing excellent, quality services at competitive prices for all of your projects.
  • Managing smooth developer/association transitions while protecting the rights of your community.
  • Being actively involved in the growth of your community.

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IKO’s Mission Statement
IKO Community Management builds sustainable community opportunity and value through ideas, innovation and integrity by employing the knowledge and expertise of our staff. By treating each community as our own, IKO realizes this mission by setting the highest standards for service, expertise and humanity in our industry.

IKO’s Leadership: Experience Counts
IKO prides itself on the personal, hands-on, professional approach to property management that we have built our reputation on. The diverse talents and skills of the individuals who make up our staff enable IKO to offer the best comprehensive community management service in the Washington DC area.

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IKO: an AAMC Company
IKO is proud to be an  Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC), a designation from the Community Associations Institute (CAI) of which IKO is a member. IKO is one of the 150 management companies nationwide who have earned the highest level of professional recognition in the community association field.

In addition to AAMC and CAI, IKO is a member of the Maryland National Capital Builders Industry Association (MNCBIA).

CAI Designations

IKO’s Expertise
As a full-service property management company serving Condominiums, HOAs and Professional Parks throughout the metropolitan area;  IKO puts our expertise, knowledge and resources to work for our association clients, community residents, Board members, Realtors®, builders and developers every day. with smart services and programs that can save time and money, award-winning association management and guidance, national resources, and an extraordinary dedication to service.

We employ and engage top talent in our industry to oversee each community’s needs. The IKO team takes pride in managing the day to day needs of each of our properties. Our staff is committed to working with each of the board members and homeowners to create a positive environment, to preserve property values and to maintain a pleasing aesthetic appearance in all of our communities.

At IKO, we’re constantly looking to enhance the value of the communities we serve by proactively monitoring our performance to make sure it is aligned with your needs — to ensure the satisfaction of every client we serve.

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